12 Signs Someone Is Pretending to Like You

As human beings, we all have wants, needs, and desires, and we have different ways of getting them met.

Some people are more direct and honest about their intentions, while others hide behind lies, deceit, and manipulation.

The problem with fake people is that they generally don’t come with a warning label attached to their foreheads. And sadly, it’s not uncommon for someone to pretend to like another person to get what they want from them.

Signs of this kind of behavior aren’t always obvious at first. But when you start noticing more than one thing on this list happening at once, there may be trouble brewing. Here are some things to watch out for!

1 – The Way They Approach You Seems Carefully Calculated

12 Signs Someone Is Pretending to Like You

When someone has a genuine interest in you, they are consistent in their attentiveness and honest about their intentions. But if they’re just pretending, they approach you in a way that seems calculated rather than organic or genuine.

You may notice that this person tends to have an ulterior motive, usually wanting something. It could be money, favors, or simply trying to boost their self-image by associating with you.

Whatever it is, they want to get close to you so that they can take advantage of you one way or another.

2 – Their Tone of Voice Changes When They Speak to You

12 Signs Someone Is Pretending to Like You

There are many ways to detect insincerity, but one of the simplest is to listen closely to voice tone.

If a person’s tone of voice is different when they talk to you compared to when they’re talking with others, this could be a sign that they’re pretending.

Another way someone might be faking it is if they never seem to listen when you speak and interrupt you mid-sentence. It’s also possible that they use impersonal language when talking to you.

3 – Their Facial Expressions Look Strained or Fake

12 Signs Someone Is Pretending to Like You

When a person is actually interested in you, they’ll show it through their facial expressions. They smile at you and make eye contact. There’s an ease about their expression of interest; a relaxed openness.

Now, if they are just pretending, they’ll seem like they are putting on a front. You might notice their facial expressions look strained or fake; their smile may look forced and even off-putting.

4 – They Say They’ll Do Something but Never Follow Through

12 Signs Someone Is Pretending to Like You

Actions speak louder than words. Those truly interested in you will make it a point to follow through on their promises. But if someone’s all talk and no action, it’s a good sign that they may not be as interested as you thought.

If they say that they’re going to do something, whether it’s calling you back or helping you move, but never deliver on their promise, they’re certainly not reliable and aren’t all that concerned with being there for you, either.

5 – They Only Reach Out to You When It’s Convenient for Them

12 Signs Someone Is Pretending to Like You

If someone is sincerely interested in you, they make an effort to spend time with you. But if you notice that they only reach out to you when it’s convenient for them, it’s a sure sign that they’re not that into you.

They may say they want to hang out with you, but then cancel plans regularly or just don’t show up. Sometimes this person will reappear as if nothing happened, but typically only when they need something from you.

6 – They Only Talk About Things That Interest Them

12 Signs Someone Is Pretending to Like You

When someone is interested in you, they make every effort to discover as much as they can about you. They also pay attention to how you feel about the topic of conversation to allow for an interest-based discussion.

Those who are just pretending to like you, only talk about what concerns them, and they will talk about it at length and without fail. As soon as you start talking about something else, they change the subject or just go back to whatever they were saying.

7 – Their Compliments Seem Excessive and Effusive

12 Signs Someone Is Pretending to Like You

When someone gives you a genuine compliment, it’s typically on something you have done well, or on something related to your personality or character.

But when someone compliments every little thing, or their compliments are overly effusive, this could signal that they’re being disingenuous in an attempt to impress you. Their compliments just seem over the top and unnatural.

8 – They’re Competitive with You

12 Signs Someone Is Pretending to Like You

Genuine people aren’t concerned with proving themselves superior. Instead, they focus on enjoying their relationships. They even help each other achieve goals.

If you find that someone is always trying to one-up you, or generally tries to make themselves look better than you, they may not like you as much as they want you to believe.

This kind of competitive behavior is often present when people pretend to like someone for something other than genuine interest.

It can also indicate that they feel threatened by your presence in their life and want nothing more than to take it down a notch so that their own image remains on top.

9 – They Don’t Celebrate Your Success

12 Signs Someone Is Pretending to Like You

Someone who sincerely likes you will be happy for you at the slightest mention of your success. When you share the good news about yourself, they congratulate you and are just as excited as you are.

But a person who only pretends to like you won’t be too eager to celebrate your success. In fact, they will be the first to rain on your parade. They will try to downplay it and make you feel that it’s no big deal.

10 – They Make You Feel Bad About Yourself

12 Signs Someone Is Pretending to Like You

A person who genuinely likes you is supportive and makes sure to give positive feedback. If someone is pretending to like you, they’re probably not doing it for the sake of your happiness or well-being.

Whether they make comments or snide remarks about something that is bothering you, or constantly poke fun at your hobbies or interests, it’s a clear sign that they’re not being genuine in their feelings for you.

When someone makes you feel bad about yourself or makes it seem like there’s something wrong with you, they don’t intend to have a healthy relationship with you.

11 – They Talk About You Behind Your Back

12 Signs Someone Is Pretending to Like You

If someone is interested in you, chances are, they want to share their thoughts with you directly, whereas a person pretending to like you is much more likely to talk about you behind your back.

They might say negative things about you, gossip about what happened between the two of you, or make jokes at your expense. This is a clear sign that the relationship isn’t sincere.

12 – Your Gut Tells You Something Is Off

12 Signs Someone Is Pretending to Like You

Here’s one you may have already considered, but it’s important to mention nonetheless. You might notice your gut telling you something is off when you’re around this person. Maybe that’s because they never really make you feel like yourself.

Or, you can’t predict their actions, and they always seem out of character. If something feels off around this person, then it probably is. If that gut feeling happens frequently or consistently over a long period, there’s a good chance that this person is faking their interest in some way.

At the end of the day, there can be many reasons why someone might pretend to like you. But knowing the signs can be helpful in navigating relationships of all kinds. The key is to stay objective and be on the lookout for patterns and themes.

Pay attention to these red flags and trust your instincts. Has someone ever pretended to like you? How did you find out? Have you ever pretended to like someone? How did that go? Share your stories in the comments below!

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