4 Alternative Marketing Methods to Try Today

Be different, be unique. This is a motto that many businesses follow to remain on the top of their game. However, a lot of organizations and businesses use the traditional methods in marketing which eventually reaches its plateau after a certain time and does not grow.

It is highly important to indulge in methods that might not be the basic generic ways to market yourself. Let’s talk about five different unconventional methods that many organizations are reluctant and scared to use since it is not what everyone is doing.

Buzz Marketing

This type of marketing is known as word of mouth and mostly focuses on how customers can use their power of communication and interaction to spread information to other customers.

Now many consider buzz marketing or word of mouth as a conventional tool in a world of unconventional social media. Buzz news has been used for a very long time, however, with social media becoming such a powerful platform, many organizations have mixed these two concepts to help spread their name and brand faster and to more people.

Now using platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. you can get thousands of people talking about your product. When using these platforms, you have to make sure you are introducing a unique idea.

Because these platforms are available to anyone, it is easy to get hidden or overshadowed by larger brands with the same product in the market. Hence, if you want your product to prevail in the market, make sure you are introducing a never been seen product or a unique branding plan that excites everyone.

Guerilla Marketing 

Many people have not even heard of guerilla marketing or are well aware of what it is. In simple words, this type of marketing method is when companies use surprise or unconventional interactions to help promote their product or service.

Organizations place ads that showcase their product in very random places that customers least expect. This is a very smart way to promote your brand as it is proven that people will retain something for longer if it surprises them and is out of the box and unique.

For example, placing a huge printout of a dog on the floor of the mall where people walk, making them look like flies on the dog was a guerilla marketing tactic by Frontliner flea spray. This method creates a fun and interactive way for people to retain the information you want them to and help them become loyal customers of the brand.

A tactic you could try is making a card with Business Cards and then slipping that card into magazines, books, or leaving it wherever you think there could be interest. It’s a great way to do something a little different.

Lifestyle marketing

This method is when companies create a marketing plan that connects themselves with the ideals, values, and aspirations of their targeted niche. They create this concept where customers feel they reach their aspirations and goals through using the product.

An example of this marketing technique is how Red Bull promotes its energy drink linked with adventure, rebellious fun, risk-taking lifestyle. It does not talk about how many calories it has, or how much sugar it contains.

The importance of this method of marketing is how it helps differentiate a product from many competitors.

Product Placement

This method has been used by major companies where they place their product in different types of media. Very common platforms where businesses place their product are movies and TV shows by paying them.

While that can be very expensive, there are also more unique ways to do it now such as getting social media influencers to use your products. This can indirectly create a buzz around your product without it being specifically advertised. 


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Jovan Averill


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