How To Respond To Rude People – 8 Powerful Comebacks

Remember how it feels to actually have a good day, only to have a rude person come and ruin it? 

You’ve probably encountered plenty of rude people in your life, and you know how much of a bummer it can be, especially when you’ve done nothing to deserve it. 

But, instead of letting it get to you, it’s important to understand why someone is being rude. 

Usually, it’s because the person is dealing with their own personal problems and projecting their frustration onto you. After all, it would be hard to fake a good mood if you’d just lost a job or got dumped by your partner. Right

On the other hand, the person could just be the most clueless human on the planet and not realize that they have a rude personality. 

No matter what the situation is, you shouldn’t just sit there and take it. However, don’t let them gaslight you into rudeness yourself! 

Remember that you can never fight fire with more fire. By utilizing any of the following powerful statements, you can stand up for yourself without being too combative: 


1. I Don’t Allow People To Talk To Me Like That

Talk about showing someone who’s boss! By using this comeback, you’re putting yourself in the driver’s seat and telling them that you’re in control. 

You deserve to be treated in a respectful way, and this phrase can help convey the idea that you value yourself too much to be subjected to their rude behavior or opinions. 

Be sure to deploy this bombshell with confidence. Either they back off when you use it, or you walk away immediately. 

Showing them that you mean serious business puts you in a position of power.


2. When You’re In A Better Mood, You Can Talk To Me Then 

This comeback is actually quite a wholesome one that’s less confrontational and direct in nature. 

It gives them a second to pause their flow of rudeness and reflect on their attitude.

Some people just don’t realize that they’re in a bad mood or that others are aware of it, so this phrase gives them that reminder to take a chill pill and step back a little. 

Be sure to leave the scene after this comeback so they can take some time for themselves to evaluate their feelings. When they come back to talk, they’ll most likely be in a far better mood. 


3. You Should Think About What You Just Said 

Some people can get so heated at the moment that they just keep on talking without really thinking about what they’re saying. 

By making this short statement, you’re doing them a favor by giving them a break to pause and really reflect on their behavior. When rude people are in their moment, it’s usually because they’re lost in their own pool of frustration and are secretly begging for help. 

In giving them a chance to do some self-evaluation, you’re really pointing them in the right direction.


4. I’ll Let What You Said Slide This Time 

When someone is rude to you, you’re not obligated to be nice to them. In fact, you could just cut it all off right there. However, doing so wouldn’t give this person a way to improve and make it up to you. 

Although you are biting the bullet this time, it can pay off in the long run. That’s because you’re giving them a generous chance to correct themselves. 

However, you’re not completely letting your self-worth dip because you’ve emphasized that they’re walking a very thin tightrope. If they’re rude even just one more time, you’re instantly out of the picture. 

5. Let’s Start This Conversation Over 

When a conversation gets way too heated, way too quickly, you can offer the other person an olive branch and forgive them just enough to offer to start the conversation over again. 

It gives them a chance to shake off the rudeness they were marinating in, and start off on the right foot. Plus, it might give them a bit of much-needed shame to stand there and brew on your kindness

By letting them know that you’re willing to forget whatever they just said, they might be ready to completely turn the other cheek and grant you the respect that you deserve. 

This comeback is also a good way to remind them that sometimes, it’s powerful to forgive and forget. But, don’t make this a common occurrence, otherwise, some people might take advantage of you. 


6. Let’s Just End This Now Before It Gets Worse 

Maybe it’s because your gut feeling is working or because you’re secretly a mind reader. 

No matter what superpower you have, sometimes you just know when a conversation isn’t going to end well. To avoid that vision becoming a reality, this comeback used in a softer tone can help you stop an argument from blowing up. 

It will give you both time to relax and cool down. By using this statement, you’re also letting the person know that you will not be pushed around. 


7. You Need To Re-Evaluate The Way You Speak To People 

This phrase is a little shakier because using it could bring you results that either go one way or in the complete opposite direction. It depends on how well you know the person and in what way you can expect them to react

In one situation, it could help them snap out of whatever rant that they’ve caved into, or it might send them further over the edge. Whatever the case may be, it’s always important to use your best judgment

8. Someone Woke Up On The Wrong Side Of The Bed 

Whereas other comebacks have either come with an assertive or a softer stance, this one is unique because it adds in a bit of lighthearted humor. 

Though it might be a tiny bit awkward to throw this in when the rude person is obviously not in a mood to laugh, that’s exactly the feeling you need to bring out. 

To make sure this happens successfully, use this comeback in the friendliest voice possible to help them crack out of the rude funk they’re in. 

Now that you know some of the most powerful comebacks to use, you’re ready to defend yourself against the world of rude people. 

Though these statements can’t change their behavior entirely, they can help them begin on a reflective path to becoming better people overall. As long as you maintain a positive attitude, you might just be the catalyst they need to start their transformative journey. 


How do you deal with rude people? Let us know in the comments below.


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