7 Ways to Become A Better Conversationalist

A better conversationalist always appears more charismatic and informative. Everyone likes to talk with a better conversationalist but how do you become one?

In this article, I’ll highlight some key features that you can adapt and become a better conversationalist

1. Become an active Listener

When you thoroughly listen to any person you become more aware of the situation and the personality of the person.

This way you can better conclude the other person’s point of view and what does he/she is trying to say.

2. Talking Slowly

Fast-talking can result in various meanings like you might be more interested to talk with the other person or you might lack confidence, or you might be nervous or something.

When you talk slowly the other person tends to listen to you more carefully and also it increases the authority of your point of view.

3. Threading

Almost all sentences lead to more topics let’s say you are talking with your friend, he tells you about the last night at the movies with Jhon and Daisy, now there could be many possible questions like “How was the movie?”, “How you met Daisy or How you got into a relationship with Daisy?”, “How is Jhon doing these days? or Has the Jhon recovered from that disease yet?”

This way you can connect more points and lead this story to your’s incident from the past.

4. Avoid Questions and Favor statements whenever possible

When you ask someone “How was your day?” you are burdening up the other person to provide value in the conversation. This isn’t bad but it could be better. You can avoid asking such questions by asking “I guess you had fun today.”

You are observing first and being creative at asking questions. This way it will ease answering the question for the other person.

5. Asking specific questions

You can see this technique in action at improv comedy, asking “where were you?” can pressurize the scene partner to make a story quickly, but when your questions become more specific like “were you wrestling with Jhon again at the farm?”

Now it becomes much easier for the scene partner to continue the story. If you want to ask any question always make it more specific like what exactly you are trying to ask.

6. People likes to talk about themselves

Everyone likes to talk about themselves, If you genuinely want to have a long conversation with the other person then talk about their qualities first.

Agree with their stories and appraise them for what they did. This way the other person will enjoy talking with you.

7. Expand your knowledge

To be a better conversationalist expand your knowledge. Always explore the unknown territories, read more books, learn about more topics, know what’s happening around, listen to the music you’ve never listened to, and so on.

This way you will increase your senses as well as knowledge and become great at conversations.

Thanks for reading. If you found this article helpful then do share it with your friends and stay tuned for more.


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