6 Types of Best Friends You Will Make in Your Life

6 Types of Best Friends You Will Make in Your Life

Have you heard the saying “Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are.” How much do you believe in that? In a way, our friends do act as a reflection of ourselves. 

They certainly helped shape who we are and provide guidance in the paths we choose in life. Friends help and change us for the better in many ways. 

So having a close-knit group of people you can connect with is a positive thing. Having said that, here are six types of friends you will most likely make in your lifetime.

1. The Social Butterfly 

This type of friend is likely one of the very first made when joining any new social environment, like a new neighborhood or school or new club.

They’re always very friendly, welcoming, and they’ll introduce you to everyone they know. They love being around people, and people seem to love being around them. 

They’re boundlessly kind, considerate, and will always try to cheer you up when you’re down. 

They like to organize get-togethers with everyone and make sure every single person there is enjoying themselves. Do you know anyone who might be a social butterfly in your circle? 

2. The Fearless Adventurer 

Ever thought of someone and thought, “yes, I’m going on an adventure.” That person is probably your fearless adventurer. 

They’re a fun friend. Someone we don’t usually get acquainted with until we attend at least one or two get-togethers. 

They often flow in and out of your life as they please, but you don’t mind too much since it’s always a blast when they’re around. 

Bold, wild, vibrant, and outrageously funny. They’re also the life of the party. They show you how to have fun get loose and they’re always down for a good time. 

Maybe they invite you to have a spontaneous adventure with them, whether that be a fancy party or a 24-hour road trip. No matter what it is, You know it will be memorable. 

The fearless adventurer may not be the most dependable or stable of your friends, but you know they’re always exciting to be around and you have a lot of great stories about the times you spent together. 

3. The Secret Keeper 

This type of friend is someone most of us need in our lives, no matter our age. The secret keeper is the one we tell all of our deepest, darkest secrets to.

Whether it’s during a quiet lunch hour or the middle of the night. They’re trustworthy, empathetic, and fiercely loyal. 

All you have to do is ask and they’re ready to lend an ear or a shoulder for you to cry on. 

They can also give you great advice and can be brutally honest with you when needed. 

Far from being constantly coddling yes-men, they tell you what you need to hear and can help you gain insight into your situation. 

They’ll never use your secrets against you or judge you for those secrets. 

Talking to them is easy, effortless, and comfortable. As such, you’re more open with them than anyone else in your life. 

4. The Mother Figure 

The mother figure, despite the name, is not always female but is a person in the group who always tries to care for everyone’s needs. 

They attend to their friends and put everyone else ahead of themselves without ever asking for anything in return. 

They’re incredibly selfless, compassionate, and caring about those around them. 

As the unspoken, then-mother of the group, they’re the ones turn to for help and support They look out for all their friends and are usually the first to stand up for you, should you be picked on. 

When conflict arises, they’ll mediate and keep the peace in the group. They want everyone to get along. 

5. The Good Older Sibling 

Have you watched a movie or TV series lately that has a strong, dependable, wise older sibling? Do you ever wish you had someone like that?

Having this kind of friend in your life will do wonders for expanding your opportunities while also enhancing your skills and knowledge. 

They guide you on your journey making sure you’re going in the right direction, but don’t fuss or smother. 

They teach you what they know, letting you in on all their best life hacks. They’re your cheerleader and support team in everything you do. They’re also usually inspirational. 

Motivating us to improve because we want to, not because we feel inadequate. 

There’s a connection with them and you likely see them as the older sibling you always wanted but never had.

6. The Loyal Best Friend 

At the grand finale of this list, we have a loyal best friend. That golden Holy Grail person who’s stuck by you through thick and thin through the years. 

You’ll call on them for emergencies because you know that regardless of the situation, they’ll always be there for you when you need them the most. 

You’ve shared so much together that they feel more like family than a friend. 

They’re the first person you want to tell when something good happens and they’ve been by your side through all of your best and landmark-worthy moments. 

Whether it’s watching movies at home, or going to a party or on vacation you love to spend time with them. 

Even if you’ve drifted apart or they’re not currently in your life, the loyal best friend is definitely a friend you’ll keep in your heart forever. 

If you have all these types of friends in your life, you are so lucky. True friendship is a rare and precious gift, so don’t take it for granted Let them know you appreciate them. 


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