9 proven ways to overcome depression

9 proven ways to overcome depression

9 proven ways to overcome depression

How to overcome depression?. In this article, we’ll cover some of the best effective and little remedies to overcome depression, In 9 proven ways.

1. Realize that depression is just a state of mind

The first thing that I want you to know that being depressed or feeling depressed is just some mythical words, the fact is that depression is just a state of mind.

That means if you are feeling low or depressed that only means that this is just a thing that your mind is believing at that moment but you are not actually depressed. 

And another most basic thing that I want you to know is ” You can always change your state of mind”

2. Stop Loving and start hating yourself being depressed 

Going in the next point I want to mention is start hating yourself being depressed.

By hating depression I mean that staying in depression all day long won’t come to any aid. I know sometimes you might feel like just giving up or you can also burst into tears.

But guys believe me this is just not going to help.

There were these gray and shady days for me too. Even I loved being depressed or I can say I was used to it. Staying in depression was the only thing I did every day.

But soon I realized that everybody once I cared about started ignoring me the reason was, that I was only emitting bad vibes and nobody likes it.

3. Realize that you are only going to attract more bad things

Don’t you want to get rid of your depression? Don’t you want to live happy again? 

Believe me, on this, staying in depression will only make situations worse. Confessing yourself or your mind about your depression will only attract things that will make your life worse. 

Your mind or specifically your subconscious mind will be reacting to the beliefs of yours, that you are picturing on to them. And doing this repeatedly is going get things out of control.

(Treatment) One thing I want to say about this that I have read the book called ” The Power of your Subconscious mind ” by Dr, Joseph Murphy. I really recommend reading this one. You will get a more clear idea about what your subconscious mind is capable of.

4. Don’t make it too complex

Overthinking is never a good thing. And overthinking the same thing will not solve the problem but it is definitely going to make it more complex.

We always do this. Thinking more and more and being more and more depressed. And soon it will result in more complexity.

And believe me, this kind of complexity is surely going to result in 

  • Self-doubt 
  • Low self-esteem 
  • Loss of confidence
  • Lots of anxiety 
  • And ultimately there is no point in living.

5. Stop telling about your depression to others

Telling about your depression to others is only going to boost up much more depression in you.

It’s just like after telling about your depression to your friend will instantly make your somewhat fake depression into the ultimate truth about yourself.

And this will get worse as more as you share your depression level with more people.

If I told about my depression to one of my friends, the instant reaction to this that my depression or my state of mind will now remain constant for several more hours or even days and more I share this to other people the more concentrated it will get. 

I don’t know about this reaction is even called something in some scientific terms but if so then please let me know in the comments. 

6. Stop listening to depressing music or sad songs

Soft songs, depressing music, sad songs, lo-fi music and anything that will make you reconnect with your depression once again definitely avoid it.

These kinds of songs are a bit of heart touching I know and they also somewhat relates to your current situations too. But the fact is to avoid it as much as you can.

Okay what if you don’t like other genres, I would suggest stopping listening to music at all. Like not for a life-time but just for a reasonable time period, this would sound a little dramatic but let your depression die of thirst.

Believe me, listening to sad songs will definitely promote more depression. If you ask me I would Like to suggest some of the best mood-lifting Spotify playlists that will help you in recovery.

Here’s the link https://bloggersgiant.com/best-playlists-on-spotify-right-now/ There is a lot of embedded content in it, so give it some time to load.

7. Start staying busy.

And yes, start staying busy. Let’s not give time to depression at all.

If you are staying busy that means your mind is busy, and when your mind is busy the lesser will become the chances to think about your depression again.

Just get involved in several activities at the same time. Do something like multitasking. Stay active.

A busy man is the happiest man  by Theodore Martin

Staying idle is the ultimate source of boredom and being bored will again result in connecting to depression once again.

8. Start enjoying your own company

Well, this tip will work best for the people whose depression is related to being lonely.

I would like to suggest being lonely is never a cause for depression, or in other words, you are blessed and I totally mean it.

There can be two ways to utilize your loneliness, 

Either you can stay sad and blame yourself for everything or you can harness this loneliness in something more productive that will improve your current conditions and your life as well.

For this purpose you can refer to this article of mine, I have compiled some the best productive podcasts that you can listen for free

Go to parks, go travel on your own, don’t depend on somebody too much, enjoy little achievements, give your self a good treat.

9. start saying this I am Affirmations to yourself every day.

I have all that I need in order to succeed.

I am motivated.

I am powerful, my behavior is aligned with my balanced state of mind.

Everything that I do serves my goals without affecting others.
Each day I completely trust my intuition.

I am healthy I am beautiful I am wise.

I am made with the purpose of doing great things I am a perfect partner for my perfect partner.

I am a magnet attracting abundance in my life.

Fear is just a feeling I overcome it and I move forward.

I am successful in any area of my life.

I am polite and respectful of any person that I meet.

I am patient.

I am the only one who can stop me.

Everything is good right here right now.

I trust the universe that I am doing my best no matter the situation.

I am loyal I am at peace with myself.

I respect myself and everything that I do is meant to fulfill me.

I am open-minded and I fully take advantage of all opportunities surrounding me.

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This brings to the end of this article “ 9 proven ways to overcome depression” If you have more suggestions regarding depression, then you can comment down below. Stay tuned for more


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