How to wake up early?

Today we are sharing the most difficult thing to do (for some of out there) is to how to wake up early.

How to wake up early

How to wake up early?

So, here are some of the best tips to wake up early and win the day

Tip #1

Start sleeping early.

Well, I know this was a busy day you need some YouTube or to watch a good web series before going to bed. But if you want to get up early these are the things you have to get rid of. or at least you can try minimizing the time you spend on these kinds of stuff.

Tip #2

Drink as much water you can.

Well, this is kind of cringy but yes you have to drink a lot of water before going to sleep just for the sake of getting up early because drinking a lot of water will automatically help you get up early. By drinking a lot of water it will cause you to go for emergency peeing just by opening your eyes in the morning to snooze your alarm will remind you to go for a pee. Well, congratulations you woke up.

Tip #3

Start putting up puzzled alarms.

Nowadays there are a lot of alarm apps out there which will help you wake up early. For example-
just to snooze or stop your alarm you have to solve a math problem, you can set your own difficulty level for this according to your taste. Here is one of the apps that I have tried  

Tip #4

Become habituated. 

By becoming habituated, just by waking up early several times your body and mind will eventually get habituated to waking up early and by the time you will notice that you don’t need your alarm clock anymore to wake up early.

Tip #5

Find your Why?

By finding your why I mean finding a strong reason to wake up early, it can be to lose some weight by exercising or running, to complete your pending works, to reach school or college or somewhere you want to reach on time, it can be anything just have a strong why therefore you mind will act upon it accordingly.

Hope you enjoyed this article “How to wake up early?, if have some feedback or suggestion regarding this, we are always listening just comment down below. Stay tuned for more. And don’t forget to share.



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