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  • 10 Skills that Millionaires Master

    In this article, I’ll show you 10 skills that millionaires master and how it works. Not focused on material things The key to a successful life is not focusing on material things. You can be happy, wealthy, and successful without having a lot of money or possessions. The most important thing in life is what…

  • The 16 Rules of Money

    Money is a tricky topic that can make us feel like we’re not good enough, or too old to learn how. But the truth is that it’s never too late to start managing your finances better. Even if you don’t want to live on your own accord (and I’m not here telling you that), there…

  • This Is Why You Don’t Succeed

    You’re sitting at your desk, ready to get started on the project you’ve been dreading for weeks. You’ve got everything you need in front of you and nothing else needs to be done. But then something happens: Your mind starts racing with possibilities and doubts, while your body feels sluggish and uninspired. Why? Because this…

  • 13 Everyday Habits That Make You Smarter

    You don’t have to be a genius or spend hours in the library to get smarter! Regardless of your age or level of education, you can become smarter by following some simple habits

  • Is there a Future for You in Gig Economy? (With Statistics)

    Gig Economy is growing rapidly by the hour. It looks like that traditional job could get replaced by this new emerging market of Gig Economy.

  • 7 Ways to Become A Better Conversationalist

    A better conversationalist always appears more charismatic and informative. Everyone likes to talk with a better conversationalist but how do you become one?

  • 9 Important Changes to Make in Your Life Right Now in Order to Succeed

    Is your future looking not so bright? Is your mind clouded by confusion? Are you beginning to doubt yourself and your self-confidence? Nothing is the way you wanted it to be? These problems are related to your present self. To overcome these problems, you have to Make these 10 Important Changes in Your Life to…