A Job or A Business. Which one is the Best? Job VS Business

Waking up, gulping a cup of coffee, and running to a Job. Well, it might not sound great. But before jumping to any conclusion I recommend reading this post.

These days entrepreneurship is rapidly increasing, mostly after the pandemic. People were forced to stay at home while feeding their families. Yeah, it was a tough time, but it also made us realize that a simple paycheck to paycheck job isn’t going to make our lives better.

Peeps while staying at home discovered their passion which was never possible in their 8-hour job timing.

For some people starting a business was never an ultimate goal but this pandemic made us realize that job is not a long-term solution for making a secure future.

Also, for some people starting their own business became a definite goal because of downsizing in small to big corporations.

So, let’s have a look at some key factors which will help you determine which option is the best A Job or A Business.

Job vs Business

1. Risk

The first and foremost factor I’d like to discuss is the risk factor. We all know that starting your own business isn’t a very easy task.

Businesses are filled with risk. It takes a lot of courage for the people who are well satisfied with their current job or people who have a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders. But it should not be a very big factor to worry about for the people in their mid 20’s or 30’s.

On the other side, jobs are way safer than any business. If you work at any good company then it’s very likely that you can continue working there as much as you want. It’s risk-free, right?

But again ask yourself making someone else rich (Your Boss) by working endless hours and giving your precious time just for the sake of paying your next bill, is that worth it?

Most people wouldn’t agree with my statement but trust me nobody will ever want this. Everyone wants to fulfill their dreams and but a salary will only be able to fulfill their necessities, not desires.

If you want to start your business, then you have to have some faith and courage in yourself. If you are somebody who doesn’t fear the risk of failure and have a good business strategy then without any second guesses you should go for it.

Or, if you are somebody who is paid more than sufficient or completely happy with the current job and their offerings. Then choosing to stay in a job, working harder to climb the corporate ladder should be an effective career choice.

2. Patience

As it may sound this factor is completely biased upon starting a business.

Every successful business requires at least 5 years to start blossoming. Great businesses are not made overnight. If you have this precious asset which is time, then you can start your own business.

Also, if you are someone who doesn’t have patience and cannot devote such a big amount of time, because of various reasons like responsibilities, or a pre-developed mindset that doesn’t allow you to give much time to the thing which doesn’t guarantee you a promise land that you are looking for then the business is definitely not your option.

3. Money

The essential factor is a need for everyone in today’s world. In today’s world, almost everything is possible with money. Moreover, you can fulfill any of your dreams, as a result, people work hard to earn them.

A business needs an investment of large amounts still after investing you don’t get the expected profit or turnover, a confident person with unique and great ideas can invest and can hold for business to bloom. Some can’t hold (patience), requires money does the job. It depends upon the mindset you have not everyone’s mindset is the same.

A business need unique ideas, hard work, patience, courage, faith and the most important thing i.e. investment whereas, if you can’t have patience then can do job by showing your skills to the company you work for.

4. Responsibility

The difficult factor we are going to talk about, how it’s difficult? let me tell you, the business-oriented person has an enormous amount of responsibilities, these are not easy to tackle because to bloom the business the business-man has to tackle every single responsibility to make it bloom, missing any single responsibility or not tackling it makes it more difficult because a business is just like a child if you take every responsibility properly the child grows as a gentle and humble person if not then the child goes on the wrong path same goes for the business if the owner takes every single thing seriously then it takes no time to bloom if showing no interest then how much hard work you do nothing can an owner do about it.

If you can’t tackle these all things as a business you can go for a job but with fewer responsibilities, both platforms have responsibilities but one has more and one have fewer. Depends on the person’s mindset if you can’t tackle business prefer a job.

5. Freedom

Everyone needs freedom in life, the same goes in working platforms. How in working platforms? let’s talk about it.

A business can be done with the freedom you can do with your own unique ideas and its not bounded jobs are bounded not have the freedom you have to follow the orders, punctual, overnights and many more also business needs punctuality, overnights, and hard work but it can be done with your own mood. A business can be done freely but with the rules and regulations with your own ideas and skills.

A person who likes freedom can’t do the job and some do the jobs because of the family and their responsibilities.

6. Effort

The most awaiting factor is effort. Effort is very much important whether you do a business or a job because both need effort and hard work. A business need efforts in its own way and same a job need business in its own way. Both platforms are hardworking.

A businessman has to do hard work to make it bloom and a job-oriented person has their own hard work and effort.

There is no comparison between job and business because these both are different in their own way the simple thing is that both need efforts hard work in their own way and this both platform depends on the person’s mindset if you have a job mindset you go for it and if you are bolder with unique ideas and skills and can tackle the problems, situations, responsibilities, loss-profit, more-less turn-over then go for a business.

Thank you for reading!


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