Top 5 Apps for Book Enthusiast on AppStore

Top 5 Apps for Book Enthusiast on AppStore

Books are food for the mind. They nourish and help it grow taking us all over the world. For most book enthusiasts, stories are a way to escape from their everyday life and disappear in a world far from our own. In simpler words, we read to expand our horizons and see the world from different perspectives.

In this fast pace world, it is at times difficult to just sit down and read hence we have selected five applications that will help you reach your reading goals.

Digital vs. Print
We live in a technology-oriented world. For better or for worse, we have become heavily dependent on it to carry out even the most mundane tasks.
Since almost everything has moved to the virtual world, it is no surprise that books have experienced the shift as well.
There are now millions of applications out there that can be used for reading, listening to audiobooks, reviews, and even social platforms for the sole purpose of users raving about your favorite books.
Most people however still prefer physical copies since they find comfort in holding the book. This old-fashioned bunch is a bit reluctant to move to the digital realm and rightly so since the familiarity of holding a physical copy is almost like a sacred ritual.
Consequently, people are hesitant to change their routines since trying new things requires a leap of faith. But sometimes change can be good.
Keeping that in mind we have selected the most useful and aesthetic user interfaces from various applications and picked out the best for you.

1. Amazon Kindle -Best App for Reading

This application is the best place to start with; it has millions of books all in one place. Amazon Kindle has a robust elegant marketplace where Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime members can simply select and download eBooks directly in the app.
Plus those users who already possess a Kindle device can carry out a content transfer of all their purchases across all devices.
Amazon Kindle has some fantastic features such as X-Ray and Whispersync. Multiple customization features allow you to alter fonts and text orientation.
The tracking feature allows you to stay up to date about your progress and whenever you get tired of reading you can simply have Alexa read the book out loud.
The app is a fantastic purchase of only $9.99 a month.

2. BookPlayer – Audio Books

This is ideal for people who do not want to pay for subscription services and simply get audiobooks from their local libraries. It has the basic features that every “book” app has, you can keep track of your progress and create a list.
The special thing about this app is that it is tailored to give users the optimum listening experience.
It features a sleep timer and playlists. By using your Mac or iOS device you can Airdrop the audio files, select this app as the receiver on your iPhone, then create a playlist to organize your files. It is similar to music streaming services like Spotify and even supports dark mode.
BookPlayer is available for free on AppStore.

3. Blinkist –The App for those readers with hectic schedules

This application is perfect for those book lovers that want to explore the world of non-fiction and save time. You will find hundreds of self-help, entrepreneurship, and motivational books on here.
In total there are 19 categories mostly related to self-improvement Blinkist extracts the key points and takeaways from each book and presents a concise entry.
This entry is about 15 minutes long including audio and text. The purpose of the entry is not to only summarize but inform and teach.
Think of it as an upgraded version of SparkNotes.
This app costs $4.99 per month and $49.99 per year on AppStore.

4. BookTrack –Helps Remembering what you have read


BookTrack is the only organizing app you’ll need. Users will get insights into the number of books they have read, giving them more motivation to read more, plus they can categorize the books they want to purchase as well as keeping track of which pages they have read.
Some people do not prefer bookmarks and quite often forget where they were, this app solves that. It is of immense help since it is intuitively designed for iPad and Mac. Additionally, you will get access to a lot of widgets for iOS 14 and Mac OS Big Sur.
This app is available to download on AppStore for $4.99.

5. GoodReads –Book Reviews & a Social Platform


The most frustrating task is finding the right book. You could just ask your friends and family but they won’t be of much help since their knowledge will be limited by the number of books they have read.
GoodReads has an advanced algorithm that analyzes the books you have read and recommends those with similar subjects you might find interesting.
The most appealing feature is that it is even a social app. It is a must-have for book enthusiasts that want to have intense discussions about their reads and become part of a book-loving community.
GoodReads is a free product available on AppStore


So have, convinced yet?
All of the aforementioned applications will be a great aid to avid readers. They will allow readers to have the ultimate reading experience at a low cost and help keep track of their progress.
Furthermore, if you don’t have time because of a busy schedule but love to read, these apps will fulfill your needs.
It may be a bit difficult to make such a drastic change in your reading patterns but we assure you it is worth it.
We recommend starting with Amazon Kindle and then gradually moving to the management apps.
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