Find a Job by Following These 8 Simple Steps

Find a Job by Following These 8 Simple Steps

In today’s competitive job market, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to land a job – let alone your dream job!

So, to help you enhance your job search and improve your technique, we will walk you through eight essential steps that you need to follow to find your ideal position!

1: Optimise Your CV

The first step to achieving job search success is to optimize your CV to the role that you’re applying for. 

This means that you need to re-evaluate the content on your CV and tailor the material to target it towards the job that you’re applying for, ensuring that top keywords are used throughout your document.

2: Update Your LinkedIn Profile

With around 90% of hiring managers using LinkedIn to evaluate candidates, your profile must be up to date. 

So, before you even start sending applications, you’ll need to spruce up your profile with crucial information that shows that you have the skills for the job.

3: Connect with Recruiters

While you’re on your LinkedIn account, it’s advisable to connect with recruiters. 

That said, be sure to include a message when sending your connection request to let the recruiter know that you’re seeking a new position; if they like what they see – they’ll keep you in mind for when a suitable role comes along!

4: Clean Your Social Profiles

While your friends might appreciate your drunken antics, employers won’t find them amusing! So, keep your social profiles professional, because – trust me – hiring managers will be reviewing them. 

They’ll want to get a deeper understanding beyond your skills and discover who you are and what interests you have.

5: Target Companies

Targeting desired companies is a great way to narrow down your job search and focus on roles that you genuinely want to take on. 

With company culture being just as valuable as salary packages, it’s important to find businesses whose company values align with your own. 

So, find a handful of companies and follow them carefully for any job openings.

6: Use Job Boards

If you’re strapped for time, job search engines are a great way to find suitable roles that match your specifications. 

Let’s say you don’t want to commute far; job boards can help you find appropriate positions in your area. 

You can let the job board do the work for you by setting up job alerts – this way, you’ll be alerted when you match to a new position.

7: Keep Track of Your Applications

It can get overwhelming when you apply to a handful of jobs at the same time, and you can easily forget what you’ve used to or who the hiring manager is. 

To ensure that you stay organized and on top of your applications, create a spreadsheet, and take note of everything that you’ve done during your job search.

8: Invest in Your Skills

Obtaining a new skill is never a bad idea! To help boost your knowledge and confidence, try learning how to use software related to your fields such as project management tools, programming, or design systems.

This new skill will add value to your CV and make you a more desirable candidate. Now you have a handful of helpful tips; you should be on the road to job search success.

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