18 Things To ALWAYS Remember In Life

18 Things To ALWAYS Remember In Life

Most people are aware of all the big things they need to do in order to lead fulfilling lives. But what about the little things? 

As a matter of fact, the little things we often forget about, do matter very much. 

These seemingly small aspects of life are what can empower and inspire us to do greater things throughout our lives. 

So keep reading, and as you discover each of these things, make it a point to always remember them! 

1. Remember To Be Yourself 

We are all created to be unique in our own ways; and to be yourself is to know exactly who you are. 

This could include where you’re from, what you strongly believe in, your standards and values, and anything else that is close to you or contributes to your personality. 

These things are what make you who you are as a person. And one of the main components of obtaining a happy life is to be at peace with all of the wonderful characteristics that make you “YOU”. 

2. Remember What You Have To Offer 

Recognizing your amazing qualities is an important step in accepting who you are as an individual. 

Just think about what it means to give to others and to show them that you care. 

Sometimes we underestimate our abilities and tell ourselves that we aren’t capable of offering anything. 

But it is important to remember that you have so much to offer – no matter how insignificant these things may seem. 

Once you find somebody who you trust and feel completely comfortable with, it will become easier to recognize all that you’re capable of. 

3. Remember Everything You Deserve 

Even though we are often our own biggest critics – and people are typically the hardest on themselves – everybody deserves to be loved and accepted. 

It is easy to tell yourself that you don’t deserve anything – especially if you feel as though you’re going through your life only making mistakes. 

But every single person on this planet deserves love, peace, and happiness. 

Maintain your standards in life, and make sure not to settle for anything less than what you believe you deserve. 

4. Remember That Perfection Is Unattainable 

Spending your days focusing on trying to be the image of perfection is a waste of time. 

Everybody has flaws, and areas to work on and improve – but that’s nothing to be troubled about. 

Remember that working on your weaknesses will ultimately help you improve yourself as a whole. 

Don’t go through life feeling as though the world is pressuring you to live up to the unrealistic image that we call perfection. 

5. Remember To Speak From The Heart 

Speaking from the heart, being honest and genuine, and telling others how you truly feel will take you a long way in life. 

Maybe it will bring heartache from time to time, but it is important to remember that it will always be temporary. 

There is nothing to feel bad about when it comes to speaking out about how you really feel. 

Having a separate and unique opinion is nothing out of the ordinary. 

If others get angry about how you feel about a certain situation, don’t wallow over their troubles. 

Be proud of your words and morals, and don’t lose your ability, to be honest with others. 

Disagreements are a normal part of life, and you will always come across somebody who disagrees with you about something. 

6. Remember To Be Completely Honest With Yourself 

There is no doubt that deceiving others and being untruthful is wrong, but what are the universal standards when it comes to being truthful to ourselves? 

Even though it is extremely important, to be honest with others, it is also extremely important, to be honest with yourself. 

It’s not a surprise that a lot of us have trouble with looking at ourselves in the mirror and confronting our problems. 

But sometimes the only truths that can really make the difference are the ones we admit to ourselves. 

7. Remember To Be Open-Minded 

Keeping a wide perspective on the things going on around us can prove to be helpful when it comes to dealing with the troubles in our personal lives. 

Being open-minded and taking a chance on new opportunities can be exciting – and very fulfilling in the long run. 

Being more open to the many possibilities in life may ultimately lead you somewhere amazing. 

If you have trouble keeping yourself open-minded, you can work on getting into the habit of looking at things from every possible aspect. 

Evaluating situations and keeping a clear mind – but also being aware of any possible troubles – will help you get further in life and achieve greater things. 

8. Remember To Pursue Your Dreams 

Although the entire world could be investing their time into telling you that you’re wasting yours, you should know in your heart that you’re doing everything that you were meant to do. 

People who focus so much of their time on putting other people down for having dreams, don’t quite understand what they’re doing with their own lives. 

When you tell others about your hopes and dreams, or what you aspire to be, there may be someone who just doesn’t understand that living a life without a fulfilling dream, is living a life that is truly wasted. 

Everybody has their own gifts, strengths, and abilities – and the world needs all of them! 

Remind yourself that you have a purpose, and you can do whatever you set your mind to. Strive for greatness. 

9. Remember That Mistakes Are A Part of Life 

Mistakes are something that nobody can escape from. Everybody makes mistakes, but they do not define us. 

How we deal with our mistakes and redeem ourselves is what truly makes us who we are. 

Knowledge and wisdom can be obtained through a combination of good and bad situations in your life – and how you cope with them. 

Although you may stumble and fall countless times as you grow older and learn more about life, it is important to recognize who you want to become as an individual – and how you will get there. 

Don’t regret your mistakes – simply use them as examples to teach yourself valuable lessons. 

10. Remember To Look At The Positives Rather Than The Negatives 

Whether you’re a ‘glass half full’ or ‘glass half empty’ person, your perception and emotions are truly based on how you view the situations around you. 

Although it is hard sometimes, you should always practice approaching situations in a positive manner, rather than going into a situation with a negative attitude. 

There’s a silver lining in everything, and doing your best to find that silver lining can make a very important difference in your life. 

11. Remember To Surround Yourself With Positive Influences 

Everyone needs a strong support system in their life – that can be a source of positive influence. 

Learning to live a more purposeful life includes striving to surround yourself with brave, smart, and positive individuals – rather than those who get their fill from being negative toward others. 

Removing any negative energy from your life could prove to be extremely beneficial in your pursuit of living a better life and finding happiness. 

12. Remember That You Can’t Force Love 

Yearning for that close relationship with somebody in life, will not make it happen any faster.

Love happens when it wants to. People cannot learn to love you just because you desire them to… and the same applies to you. 

Remember, love is an emotion that is meant to be felt, and not forced. 

13. Remember That What You Resist Persists 

It’s not ideal to go through life trying to resist the things that you don’t want. 

Situations, circumstances, events, people, ideas, and opinions – they all contribute to our growth. 

When it comes to some things in life, fighting against them will not make them go away – but will rather make them push against you with an even more powerful force. 

So, instead of focusing on what you don’t want, or what you are against, learn to focus on what you DO want – in your life. 

14. Remember That Your Thoughts Create Your Reality 

Your thoughts have incredible creative power and the ability to completely shape your life. 

The life you are living right now is the result of all the thoughts you have ever thought – up to this moment. 

Your level of self-esteem, your confidence, your self-worth, beliefs, morals, fears, and insecurities – were determined by all the thoughts you have thought, and all the words you have said to yourself. 

If you cloud yourself with judgment and negativity, you will do nothing but shape a negative outline for the rest of your days to come. 

On the other hand, keeping a positive and empowering outlook will prove to shape a very positive and joyful life. 

Your actions are the reflections of your thoughts and beliefs – whether they are positive or negative. 

15. Remember That Sometimes You Need To Let Go 

It is normal to get attached to people; or things, ideas, and places. But when it comes time to let go of them, we often have a very difficult time doing so. 

Recognizing when you need to gracefully let something go is important, and it’s something you must do several times throughout your life. 

The natural flow of life will guide you, and let you know whether something is meant to stay or go. 

16. Remember That You Will Regret The Things You Didn’t Do 

You might have heard older people say that they regret not doing more things when they were younger. 

Maybe they wanted to kiss that certain someone, quit that job, or skydive off that plane. 

You will come to learn that you often regret ‘not trying things’ more than you regret ‘trying things’. 

It may be a job, a relationship, a move, or anything else – not doing what you may have even slightly wanted to do at one point in your life will come back to bite you – as you will be more consumed with the what-ifs of not doing it; than with the regrets of having done it and perhaps having fail¬ed at it. 

17. Remember That Life Is Best Taken One Step At A Time 

Although you may get caught up in trying to figure out how you will prepare for the next five or ten years, it is crucial to focus on what’s happening in your life – right now. 

Looking too far ahead into the future can prove to be extremely overwhelming and tiring. 

You are not expected to fully prepare for your future – most of the time you won’t even know what’s to come to a couple of years from now. 

Always remember to ‘take in’ the different situations and events in your life right now, and do the best that you can in this present moment. 

18. Remember To Never Lose Hope 

Sometimes, life will attempt to push you in many different directions. 

Avoiding these paths or worrying about how they may turn out, will likely just make you feel overwhelmed or defeated. 

Your strength is not determined by all of the hardships in your life – but rather how you allow these hardships to form you as a human being and influence who you become. 

No matter what you may be dealing with right now, there is always a way to overcome it, and you must never forget that. 

For as long as you breathe, there is constant room to grow, change, and hope. 

You alone are responsible for how your life will turn out. So always keep your head up and believe in yourself. 


While it is normal to sometimes lose sight of what’s most important, remembering these small things will not only help you get through the tough times, but it will also help you take charge of your life. What do you think? Surely, there are other things to remember that didn’t make this list. If you can think of any, let us know in the comments below! 

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