How to overcome the fear of the audience ?

How to overcome the fear of the audience?

How to overcome the fear to the audience ?

Today we are talking about the most important topic of all the time that is How to speak in public without hesitation.

How to overcome the fear of the audience? we might have at some point in life would’ve come across this scenario, it can be speaking in front of a small audience or a large number of audiences.
Some of them out there can speak fluently without any hiccups no matter how much the audience is but some of them couldn’t (just like me). We are not confident enough and that is the only difference we lack. So here are some tips to overcome the fear of the audience and become confident than ever before.

Tip #1

Expect to be nervous

Being nervous is not a negative sign even the professionals get nervous, try to convert and harness your nervousness into a morale boost. As you can use this to boost your delivery.

Tip #2

Always prepare first, don’t be too confident about yourself. Plan the keywords that highlight the sentences. Don’t just start your speech blankly.

Tip #3

Before attending your big day, practice your speech in front of a small audience or you can try a mirror or something. therefore there is less on stake.

Tip #4

Take a deep breath right before a speech, You can try this rhythm, inhale for 4 seconds keep it for like 7 seconds and exhale for about 8 seconds do it for 5-6 times. It will reduce anxiety and stress.

Tip #5


Now talk all your speech content with yourself, walk around the hall like it’s happening. Don’t memorize your speech just talk about your topic with yourself in the most practical way.

Tip #6

Focus on your audience

Stop focusing on yourself like “How am I doing ?, Am I looking well?”. Focusing on yourself will kill your speech remember always focus on your audience like “Are you getting this ?, Am I audible to you ?, How are you ?”

Tip #7


Don’t complicate your speech too much most of them try too much to do in their speech. Try getting the speech right to the topic.

Tip #8

Visualize success

Before the days going to the speech try visualizing your success like “How perfect I was at the speech” try imagining your victory over the fear. It will reduce stress.

Tip #9

Connect with your audience

Don’t think your audience as your enemy, think that they are your friends. You should always communicate with your audience it will make them overwhelming and you more confident.

Tip #10

Act confident

People won’t see your nervousness (They can’t tell your palms are sweating or your heart is pounding) just stick with a smile and your chest out, look confident. If you are interested in watching a public speaking example you view this content Best motivational speech given by Steve Jobs

Hope you enjoyed reading this article. Stay tuned for more content like this.


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